June 30, 2022, Kathleen Healy

Singer/songwriter Kathleen Healy writes from the heart. She draws from her experience of living and raising a family on the Cape for many of her songs. She finds the river and the beach to be “excellent metaphors for the changing nature of life.”

Healy recently released her second studio album, “Embracing the Journey,” a collection of original songs about “this journey we are all travelling, the highs and lows I’ve weathered along the way, and the incredible people I am blessed to have encountered.”

July 7, 2022,The Familiars of Cape Cod

Manny and Linda Dias are The Familiars of Cape Cod. They sing and play folk, fiddle, country, Irish, and popular music from the 1950s through the 1980s. Manny sings and plays guitar. He has been active in the Upper Cape folk music scene for several decades. Linda is a  classically trained violinist with a passion for fiddle style music. She also plays mandolin, harmonica, Irish whistles and Celtic harp in a variety of musical styles.  

July 14, 2022, The Harper and the Minstrel

The Harper and The Minstrel are Jay and Abby Michaels, are passionate performers of music from the past, sung and played on a wide variety of diverse musical instruments, including the cláirseach an (Irish wire-strung harp), Gothic harp, Celtic folk harp, bowed psaltery, alto, soprano, and tenor recorders, Irish wooden flute, penny whistles, mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bowed dulcimer/viol, baroque guitar, and rebec (an early bowed instrument). They sing and play beautiful love songs, jigs, reels, and dances, medieval, Renaissance, and Celtic music. 

July 21, 2022, Kim Moberg and Heather Swanson

Kim Moberg was born in Juneau, Alaska, the daughter of a classical pianist mother of Alaskan Native Tlingit descent and a U.S. Coast Guard veteran father from Kansas. She has released two albums, “Above Ground” and “Up Around the Bend.” Her passionate and heartfelt vocals mesmerize listeners, while her songs speak to melancholy, heartbreak, healing, and social consciousness.

Trained as a classical violinist, Heather Swanson loves to play folk and traditional Celtic. She also teaches music and performs in the Cape Violin and Cello Duo with her daughter. Her CD, “Beside Quiet Waters,” is a collection of traditional and contemporary Celtic tunes. 

July 28, 2022, Country Flavored

Country Flavored plays traditional country music and modern folk with a country twist, including the pedal steel guitar.

August 4, 2022, Dawna Hammers

Singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist Dawna Hammers brings truth, hope, and inspiration through her songs, a blend of folk, soft rock, blues, jazz, and world beat. She has performed Joni Mitchell tribute concerts and has released six CDs of original and cover songs.

August 11, 2022, Black Whydah

Black Whydah is Jean Sagara, Cathy Hatch, and John Best, a vocal and instrumental group offering three part harmonies drawn from a mix of Irish, old-time, bluegrass, folk and original compositions. Band members play fiddles, guitars, cittern, mandolin, banjo, ukuleles, and other amazing things with strings. They are known for their lively and entertaining concerts with something for everyone.

August 18, 2022, The Resemblance

The Resemblance is Anna Magee and Oliver Farrell, a mother and son duo.  Anna, a life-long musician, has been playing with Oliver for about 11 years, ever since he started fiddle. Both are members of two large New England contra dance bands and various other ensembles. They share old-time, Celtic and contra dance tunes on fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and keyboard.

August 25, 2022, Denya Levine

Bringing a joyous energy to every concert, Denya Levine is a well-known performer of ethnic music. With early roots in classical violin, she learned a wealth of styles working at the Fillmore East Rock Theater and traveling the world, absorbing and sharing vocal music in the British Isles and Europe, living in England, Afghanistan, India, and elsewhere in Europe and Asia.

In recent years she has visited Borneo, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Singapore. She frequently visits Ireland and Cape Breton Island, immersing herself in those ethnic music traditions, and returning with fresh inspiration.

September 1, 2022, Mwalim

Mwalim is multi-award-winning composer, musician, theater artist, writer, and educator, whose works span the mediums of sound recordings, books, plays, films, videos, and multimedia installations. He is a founding member of the thump & soul band, the Groovalottos.