The Book Booth features local authors from 11 AM to 2 PM.

June 30, Robin Singer

International Cookbook for Her Future. Delicious recipes from around the world, with all proceeds benefiting the survivors and high risk girls of Her Future.  This cookbook was compiled and designed by students of Sturgis High School of Cape Cod and the latest printing is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Falmouth.  The Sturgis Her Future Club has been working to raise awareness and funds for Her Future Since 2010.  We are so proud to be allied with these amazing kids and teachers, and now also with Falmouth Rotary!

July 7, J. J. Cunis

In 1968, four thirteen year old boys of diverse racial background meet on Cape Cod and form an unlikely bond which lasts a lifetime or two or three–two Wampanoag twins, Amos and Vern (poor – ‘monigs’ to some of the year round white townies), an Irish Catholic kid from Southie, Timmy (middle class summer cottage people) and a WASP, Brett (of rich second and third home snobage). In the summer of ’68, the boys were inseparable. They did things, which led them to try other things and as a result, find something, which ultimately leads them to opening Pandora’s Box, a box which will take them 24 years and two lifetimes to close … or so they think.

July 14, Mark Epstein

Mark Epstein is the author of They Call Me Pathfinder: Education-Basketball-Equality, a memoir. Growing up in Worcester, MA, Epstein had dreams of playing basketball, but his lack of motivation sidelined him. Inspired by true civil rights stories about Black Americans, Epstein’s secret dream was born. Personal heartbreak drove him to a new life in Charleston, South Carolina, where he found his mission to improve the world through sports.

July 21, Ben Carnevale

Locals and tourists alike pass Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, every day. We take comfort in Nobska’s beauty and powerful fourth-order beam. Folks on Martha’s Vineyard and parts of the Elizabeth Islands also enjoy Nobska as do mariners out at sea but from different perspectives and for different reasons. Carnevale takes a close look inside Nobska with photos and text to reveal the history from one of America’s most beloved lighthouse.

July 28, Christina Laurie

“The Lobsters Night before Christmas,” C is for Cape Cod,” and a poetry book. Creatures of the ocean celebrate Christmas Eve in an undersea retelling of A Visit by St. Nicholas by Rev. Clement C. Moore. Under the waves and surrounded by swaying ocean eel grass, Sea Santa makes his yearly Christmas journey, pulled in his clamshell sleigh by his eight faithful minnows. Beautiful watercolor paintings illustrate his visit to a family of lobsters.

August 4, Jane Parhiala

Reckless at the Border is a dual memoir written by Jane Parhiala and her ex-husband, Pradeep Parashar. After 34 years of no contact, she meets him in India and, over a period of five years, they write the story of their marriage, their travels together and the cultural differences theyexperienced. Woven into their marital adventure are the accusations of stolen money and arson. In 1979 the newlyweds were told that not everything goes as planned.

August 11, Sandra Faxon

Sandy Faxon’s book, “Oh! Did You Know that…” features her lively collages and watercolors of sea animals and the surprising answers to questions you never asked about them. It will delight and inspire any kid or adult who is curious.

August 18: Don Wilding

From the wreck of the Sparrow-Hawk in 1626 to the grounding of the Eldia in 1984, Cape Cod’s outer beach, often referred to as the “Graveyard of Ships,” saw the demise of more than 3,000 vessels along 40 miles of shifting shoals. The October Gale of 1841 claimed the lives of 57 sailors from Truro, a devastating toll for a small seaside community. Survivors from the 1896 wreck of the Monte Tabor in Provincetown were arrested for a suspected mutiny. Aboard the Castagna, which stranded off Wellfleet in 1914, several sailors froze to death in the masts, while the crew’s cat survived. Local author Don Wilding revisits these and other maritime disasters, along with the heroic, and sometimes tragic, rescue efforts of the U.S. Life-Saving Service and Coast Guard.

August 25, Robert Reece

In a novel that could have been pulled from today’s headlines, Dr. Tom Barrett, respected surgeon and returning war veteran, discovers the rules as set by the pharmaceutical industry. They’re dangerously effective: skyrocketing prices, misleading advertising, manipulation of health care professionals, rigged research, and the suppression of competition. Unscrupulous executives deploy them with a single objective: spike earnings by ensuring that medicines are scarce for patients whose survival depends on them.

September 1: Raindate